2 years ago

3 May, 2016

Underground Productions

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Underground Productions

On what starts out as any ordinary night, five people -- a wild child, two old mates, and a pair of lovebirds -- are brought together in search of a missing man: their mutual friend Mark. He's been gone for days, and no-one knows where he is; at least that's what everyone is saying. Old friends and new acquaintances begin to question each other's innocence as chaos descends. No one is spared as the group turns on each other in the quest to answer the simple question: "What happened to Mark?”

Underground Productions proudly presents its first festival piece of 2016. An original work by Jack Braddy, Kurtis Laing, Alex Letts and Josh Thia. We invite you into the enigmatic world of Bliss – a place where audience members intimately observe each character as they physically walk in their footsteps. Leaving all with an exclusive version of the truth.

Brendan – Drew Buchanan
Stacy - Lily Jones
Jack – Rjien Mulgrew
Taylor – Zaitoon Salman
Dan – Peter Staff

Opening Night: Thursday May 5th 7:00PM
Friday May 6th 7:00PM
Saturday May 7th 7:00PM
Closing Night: Sunday May 8th 7:00PM

Book tickets now at http://anywherefest.com/event/bliss/2016-05-06/