1 year ago

16 August, 2016

Schonell Cinema and Live Theatre

Organised by:
Underground Productions

It's been too long since the mid year party, thinks are getting busy putting on KFJ, let's all have some pizza, a beer, and see some theatre that we aren't producing and support our UGP members that are in this show! You know who esle we miss, our pals over at ARTS UQ - so lets do it together, so that we have safety in numbers when the Ibis come to steal our food.

Our friends at UQ Law Revue are bringing their show Nine's Wide World of Torts to the stage 16-19 August. We know the word Law in a show title is not a good pitch- but we have been assured by the Bretz himself there is literally one or two law jokes in this show. The rest, featuring Waleed Aly, Donald Trump, Courtney Barnett, Pikachu, Eduroam and many more, is a laugh a minute that we assure will not disappoint!

These are the law students who would be doing comedy and theatre if their parents didn't hate them, so please support the UQ Law Revue and enjoy a fantastic night of comedy and music! Tickets are going fast!

Logistics - Show starts at 7:30 - meet us for pizza/drinks at Pizza Cafe 6pm onwards!! Can't wait to see you all there!