1 year ago

27 May, 2016

C5C 209, Macquarie Uni

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On Friday, 27th May (Week 11) VGen will be holding a ‘Birthing Kit Assembly’ event in support of the Birthing Kit Foundation Australia - an organisation dedicated to providing a clean and safe birthing environment for women in developing countries to reduce the incidence of infant and maternal morbidity and mortality.

The process involves the assembly of various parts of a birthing kit – including gauze, soap, gloves, scalpel blade, cord and plastic sheet – which are easy to put together and will be explained further on the day.

The assembly will be on Friday of Week 11 from 11 – 4pm in C5C 209, and you’re welcome to drop in and assist for as little or as long as you like. We are aiming to create 200 kits to be sent to the Birthing Kit Foundation, who are partnered with various overseas organisations who distribute the kits, and which will ultimately assist in providing a clean and safe birthing environment for women.

When: Friday, 27 May – Week 11; 11-4 pm
Where: C5C 209
We’d love if you could join us and help!