2 years ago

20 June, 2016

Eden-Monaro Electorate, NSW

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VGen will be heading into Eden-Monaro, a key electorate in NSW this election, to speak to local community members, Members of Parliament, political party candidates, and schools. We want to continue a conversation about Australian aid.

Over 11.3 billion dollars has been cut to our aid budget in the past 2 budgets. We need to stand up for aid- starting with a conversation with the people of the Eden-Monaro electorate.
Join us for in adovating for a fairer Australian aid budget and greater awareness of aid as an issue in the 2016 Election.

If you have never been involved with VGen, the Campaign for Australian Aid or adovocacy before, don't worry! We will be running a training session before hand in order to get everyone up to speed and feeling comfortable with community engagement. Everyone will also be issued with a detailed information package and forms to complete prior to the first Action Day.

You can register for 1 Action Day or for multiple.
If you would like to be part of all three of the Action Days - please be sure to select 1 of each of the 3 ticket types, titled according to date and location.

Please confirm registration via Eventbrite page www.eventbrite.com.au/e/vgen-australian-aid-action-days-tickets-25424318822.

There are very few places available. If you would like to be involved please register via Eventbrite ASAP- selecting 'attending' via Facebook will not be counted.