2 years ago

8 August, 2015

GHD Auditorium, Bldg 49 Advanced Engineering, Jocks Road, UQ

Organised by:
Video Games Society

The UQ Video Games Society is proud to bring you The Dota International 5 Pubstomp in Brisbane!

It's been an exciting year for Dota with a lively and ever growing local community! We've got so much stuff prepared for you this year we can hardly fit it into this one post!

The Dota year ends with the culmination of the peak teams around the world coming together to duke it out to claim their share of $17 million. The Video Games Society want to be here to provide an avenue for this beautiful community to come together and share in their passion for everything Dota! 17 MILLION DOLLARS and counting! Another groundbreaking prize sum this year from Valve (and hat lovers).

This year is just BIGGER AND BETTER EVERYTHING. Bigger venue, bigger giveaways! More free swag and some bloke who used to be called Leragas the Vile.

Last year we had hundreds of dollars worth of giveaways. Some had mechanical keys, some made shitty audio bearable, and some made miss-clicking extinct. One even had enough colours to put skittles to shame. This year? Thousands! You heard us, we're going to give you thousands of dollars worth of stuff! All you have to do is be there!

10pm kick off, Saturday 8th August for 1v1 mid competition
2am start, Sunday 9th August for official tournament stream

Entry: $22 Pre purchase, $25 at door

Dress Code: While there is no particular dress code, we ask that reasonable hygiene be observed before and during the event. Don't wear your dirties in. Duh.

The award winning GHD Auditorium, Bldg 49, Jocks Road, UQ campus, St Lucia
Maps: http://tiny.cc/y918zx
images: http://www.richardkirkarchitect.com/images/1080.jpg

Plenty of parking available on campus and it's FREE on the weekend!

It is university policy that no alcohol be consumed in the building. Alcohol will not be sold or served and no plans have been made to accommodate service or drinking of alcohol.

So like we said, we've put together so much for you this year we can hardly contain ourselves! We'll provide a quick summary for now and detail it out in posts as time draws near!

Awesome stuff to look out for on the night:
- 1v1 mid competition ($200 prize pool)
- Cosplay competition ($200 prize pool)
- OMG so many giveaways
- Gaming gear
- Dota plushies
- Digital items
- Games that are longer than 14 minutes
- Some bloke who used to be called Leragas will be here apparently (ok it's a sideshop lol)

Last but not least, thank you to our sponsors:
G-castle Internet cafe


Thermaltake Esports

our supporters:

And a special thank you to our partners and local pillar of gaming goodness, Umart Online.

Why should you care? Because TI5 is going to be a sick event, and more than that, it is about bringing forward gaming culture and esports in Australia in general, regardless of what game you play. With each success and exposure of these events, we bring Australia a little closer to being in line with the rest of the world in regards to games and its acceptance!

Let's put Brisbane on the Dota map again and have the biggest and best pubstomp in Australia!

Invite your friends, win free stuff!

About VGS:
Video Games Society or VGS, is a not-for-profit UQ Union club based at the University of Queensland. The intention of VGS is to provide UQ and greater community with a direct connection to the video gaming industry and its affiliations. One of the primary goals of VGS is to promote both the competitive and casual side of video gaming through the organisation of gaming related events including competitive tournaments and live demos.

We also aim to establish a strong connection with people who have no background in the video games industry and just want to have a fun social time. Our goal is to bring video gaming to the public's attention and help the community understand the value and enjoyment in interactive entertainment.