2 years ago

2 September, 2015

Hawken Engineering Building (50) ELCX C207

Organised by:
Video Games Society

It's on, the first Games night for the semester gamers!

A bunch of new friends have joined our ranks at the beginning of the semester, so let's all give them a warm welcoming into the fold!

Come grab a feed of pizza, bring your consoles, bring your games, bring your friends and, bring your boardgames and table games!

We've got our usual VGS wiis and wii U,, ps3, as well as a few new steam party games to show off. Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Warioware, Street fighter, Soul Calibur, Marvel Vs Capcom, Hidden in plain sight, Gang Beasts woooooo!

Free for VGS members
Friends can join in and sign up for rest of this year + next year for $5.

Come chill and get some free pizza and delicious gaming goodness!

See you all there!