2 years ago

18 October, 2015

Hawken Engineering Building (50) Room C207 ELCX

Organised by:
Video Games Society

G'day Hearthcrafters! This is it, an open invitation to join us for a casual gathering on Sunday 18th October for a day in the World of Stonecraft.

May RNJesus be on your side as you Griswold your way to domination and may you top deck(ard cain) everything you need. It is Khalim's Will that you defeat your lousy opponents in this pretty standard Hearthstoner tournament with no surprises or anything out of the ordinary.

Play as yourself, hire a mercenary, dupe an SOJ if you have to, JUST BE THERE AND SQUARE TO FUCK SHIT UP (in hearthstone; seriously, don't fuck anything else up)

This is the best event description we have ever written and to honour that, we'll have around 100 packs to give away depending on how many of you stoners turn up to eat pizza.

Oh yeah there's pizza and stuff. Is that Wirt's leg in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

So it's free for VGS members, if you're not a member, it's just $5 and you get to put all the pizza you want into your face and whatever the hell else we wanna give away that day.

When: 18th October, 11AM
Where: UQ St Lucia, Hawken Engineering Bldg 50, C207 ELCX
(It's not Tristram but it's better than ACT III)

Cost: Nothing if you're from VGS, otherwise a cheeky 5 dollah

You get pizza, you get a crack at the prize pool. You'll have a Leoric load of fun.

Cow level.

REGISTRATION LINK: https://goo.gl/KvpQK1

Please bring your own devices to play on the day. If you are unable to do so please message our FB page.