2 years ago

20 November, 2015

Hawken Engineering Building (50) Room C207 ELCX

Organised by:
Video Games Society

Exams are over and it's time to loot the VGS chest of secrets.

Come join us for night of good food, good drinks and good gaming!

Want to find out how VGS converted enough pizza energy to fully power a 4 person household for 38.81 days?

How members made a 500% return on their $3 membership this year?

How we're one of the top 10 UQ Union clubs because the Union said so?

All this and other fun and useless statistics on the night!

Given a nature of AGMs, only VGS members and committee guests will be allowed to attend on the night. Cos y'know, club secrets.

There will be subway, probably more pizza, and drinks for everyone! And unlimited video games!

Good luck to everyone with their final exams.
Hope to see you all there!