2 years ago

15 May, 2016

Hawken Engineering Building (50) - Room C207

Organised by:
Video Games Society

VGS Stoner's Gathering: C'thun's Secret Stache
Hearthstone tournament

The nerfs are in and the old gods are awake. Welcome to ShamanStone; your combo can't save you now. Join us for the first Stoner's Gathering of 2016 and witness the eldritch horror of a meta in upheaval. You are not prepared!

How do I get prepared?

1. Construct three standard format deck lists for three different classes to be registered
2. Make a blood sacrifice to an old god of your choice. Ia! Ia! C'thun fhtagn!

What will I need on the day?

1. A device (phone/tablet/laptop) with Hearthstone installed capable of connecting to the internet (wireless preferred; limited wired connections available at venue)
2. A Battle.net account that has completed the Hearthstone tutorial and has access to all cards in your registered deck lists on the North America server.
3. Your $5.00 entry fee, preferably in exact change or your VGS membership card
4. Your war face

How will the tournament be run?

Conquest Format
Players submit deck lists for three unique classes
Selected classes are public knowledge; deck lists are not
All matches are best of five games
Each game, any deck can be used that has not already won a game in the current match
When a player has won a game with each of their decks, they win the match and advance

Double Elimination Brackets
Players start in the main "winners" bracket
Losing one game moves you to the secondary "losers" bracket
Losing a second game eliminates you from the tournament

Standard - Year of the Kraken
Playable sets: Basic, Classic, Blackrock Mountain, Grand Tournament, League of Explorers, Old Gods
Banned sets: Reward, Naxxramas, Goblins vs Gnomes

1st wins two $25 Hearthstone gift cards
2nd wins one $25 Hearthstone gift card

There will be pizza!