1 year ago

13 August, 2016

Uq Hawken Building - Building 50 - T203

Organised by:
Video Games Society


The UQ Video Games Society and QUT Dota is proud to bring you The Dota International 6 Pubstomp in Brisbane!

What a year for Dota! over 12 million unique players each month, ups and downs in the professional scene, more super teams coming into the mix and an ever increasing prize pool! Is our beautiful little Dota community finally coming of age?

This Dota year ends with the culmination of the top teams around the world coming together to duke it out to claim their share of $20 million. The Video Games Society want to be here to provide an avenue for this beautiful community to come together and share in their passion for everything Dota!

We broke last year's record of $18 million and are now set to reach $20 million! This has never happened before in the history of Dota!

DOTA VR showcase! We're going to have a few Dota VR setups to show a few lucky individuals who want to experience the latest virtual reality components in Dota!

Over the years, we've given away thousands of dollars worth of stuff. Mechanical keyboards, gaming mice, headsets. This year is no different!

Thousands of dollars worth of giveaways and door prizes for all you true believers!

Why should you care? Because TI6 is going to be a sweet sweet event, and more than that, it is about bringing forward gaming culture and esports in Australia in general, regardless of what game you play. With each success and exposure of these events, we bring Australia a little closer to being in line with the rest of the world in regards to games and its acceptance!

Let's put Brisbane on the map again and have the biggest and best pubstomp in Australia!

Estimated games start at around 3am Sunday the 14th August.
Our doors will open probably around midnight to set up etc.

Entry: FREE

Exalted tickets available for extra loots:

The University of Queensland
Hawken Engineering Building 50
T-203 Theatre

Entrance via Cooper Road or Staff House Road

Plenty of parking available on campus and it's FREE on the weekend!

More detail to come regarding 1v1 competitions, cosplays and the not so shop that nobody can find... shhhh.

Last but not least, thank you to our sponsors:

UQ Advantage Office (Thank you!)

G-castle Internet cafe


our supporters:

And a special thank you to our partners and local pillar of gaming goodness, Umart Online.


About VGS:
Video Games Society or VGS, is a not-for-profit UQ Union club based at the University of Queensland. The intention of VGS is to provide UQ and greater community with a direct connection to the video gaming industry and its affiliations. One of the primary goals of VGS is to promote both the competitive and casual side of video gaming through the organisation of gaming related events including competitive tournaments and live demos.

We also aim to establish a strong connection with people who have no background in the video games industry and just want to have a fun social time. Our goal is to bring video gaming to the public's attention and help the community understand the value and enjoyment in interactive entertainment.