2 years ago

2 October, 2015

Mount Tamborine, QLD

Organised by:
UQ Hong Kong Students' Association

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Have you planned a brief getaway during the mid-semester break with your friends yet? No? Well, you're in luck! Here's a fun option for you to consider: Come join us for our traditional mid-semester break day trip to Mount Tamborine and the Glow Worms Cave at Springbrook National Park!

Date: October 2nd (Friday)
Time: Meeting up at 7:30am
Meet Up Location: UQ Chancellors Place's Bus Stop
Ticket Prices: (Choose one below)
Member: $37 / Non-Member $40 (includes membership) - Treetop Challenge
Member: $16.5 / Non-Member $19.5 (includes membership) - Skywalk & Botanic Gardens
(Transportation and afternoon tea costs are included)

Event Sponsors:
HanHua Education Group & Aria Japanese Hair Salon

We'll be heading south to Mount Tamborine to take on the Treetop Challenge during the day; alternatively you can choose to enjoy the spectacular views from the Mount Tamborine Skywalk and stroll through the Botanic Gardens!

At night we'll be visiting the Springbrook National Park to explore the Glow Worm Caves - illuminated by thousands of glow worms! Tiny green lights everywhere... those who've been say it's definitely a breathtaking sight.

To sign up, follow these instructions:
1) Fill out the Google Docs form here: http://bit.ly/UQHKSADayTrip
2) Transfer the payment to our bank account (information as follows)
Bank Details —
Account Name: Hong Kong Student Association
Bank: Commonwealth Bank
BSB: 064158
Account Number: 10157610

Deadline: 25th Sept / when all spots are gone


The first 30 people to sign up will receive a 30% nail salon voucher each from 1 of our event sponsors Aria Japanese Hair Salon!

See you all there! :D

Please note that although afternoon tea will be provided on the day, there are also restaurants for you to dine at on Mount Tamborine.

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喂喂!Mid sem break出去玩是常識吧! 你唔係仲諗住留喺屋企#其實自己一個更開心啊嘛!

宜家UQHKSA召集所有漂亮嘅面孔同我哋一齊去係Gold Coast嘅Mount Tamborine呀! 相信好多人細個都會ff過自己好似泰山咁喺雨林裡面飛馳,宜家就俾你哋泰山上身,喺離地起碼十米嘅繩索上體驗下歷奇之旅。嗰度就最啱嗰啲中意叉能廚(challenge)吓自己嘅你㗎嘞!

底已淆?唔怕!我哋為咗一班驚驚豬特登安排咗去Skywalk同Botanic garden,等你哋可以睇下風景hea吓又得,扮吓偽文青亦得,得咗!

玩完下午嘅活動就以為完哂?我哋UQHKSA邊會咁頹嘅呢!喺夜闌人靜嘅時候,我地梗係.........去睇螢火蟲啦!螢火蟲真係唔係度度有得睇,所以我哋會帶你哋去專睇螢火蟲嘅Springbrook National Park過一個浪漫又特別嘅晚上...hehe 嗱!如果你仲係想留喺屋企/library做小毒毒,唔同我哋玩嘅話,我哋真係嬲㗎!哈哈!

頭三十個報名仲有7折嘅Aria Japanese Hair Salon nail voucher添啊! 宜家仲唔去報名!?

時間: 7:30am 集合
集合地點:UQ Chancellors Place bus stop
價錢:Treetop Challenge - 會員 $37 / 非會員 $40 (包括入會費)
Skywalk & Botanic Gardens - 會員 $16.5 / 非會員 $19.5 (包括入會費) -

1) 填好呢張google form: http://bit.ly/UQHKSADayTrip
2) 付款方式:銀行轉賬
Account Name: Hong Kong Student Association
BSB: 064158
Acc: 10157610

Aria Japanese Hair Salon

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