2 years ago

23 October, 2015

Room 304, Therapies Annexe (Building 84A), UQ

Organised by:
UQ Hong Kong Students' Association

一年一度既萬聖節又黎喇, 大家溫緊書準備Final Exam既同時係咪好想番去香港玩哈佬喂呢?咁就岩喇!我地UQHKSA將會喺10月23既夜晚同您一齊大搞Halloween! 其實夜闌人靜既UQ真係好~邪~呀~ ! 我地會喺呢個月黑風高既晚上帶您遊走UQ最得人驚最恐怖既地方..包保你唔止嚇到個心離一離咁簡單!! 我地仲會帶你去玩room escape同埋講鬼故..果種驚嚇程度大概夠您來回地獄又折返人間!! 仲可能可以喺玩完之後會識到一班嘩鬼朋友呢!? 我地仲會有Photo Booth 同提供Face Painting比各位想扮鬼扮馬既人!!包保你地嚇餐飽架!不過未飽都唔緊要, 我地仲會喺當日提供埋晚餐!! 咁好玩既活動,你唔係唔黎呀!? 記住帶埋你身邊既朋友(或者搵鬼黎?)參加我地呢個Event喇!!!

日期: 2015年10月23日
時間: 6:00pm- 9:00pm
地點: Building 84A Room 304
服裝要求: 萬聖節主題 - 恐怖, 可愛, 性感…… 任君選擇
費用: 全免(會員); $3(非會員,包入會費)
活動贊助:ZAP Hair Design,LeBonBon

Hey guys! We know that everyone is caught up in a storm of assignments and exam prep at the moment, but Halloween is coming up and it’s time to take a break and celebrate! The UQHKSA is hosting a Halloween party on October 23rd, and you’re all invited! As you may or may not have noticed, UQ is undoubtedly creepier at night, and we’ll be taking you on a guided tour to explore the darkest, most secretive places within uni. We’ll also be holding a haunted house to scare the lights out of you and there'll be a photo booth and face painting stalls to capture the spirit of Halloween on your beautiful faces. So bring your friends (whether they’re human, imaginary, or ghosts) and come join us for a night of fun! For those who harbour a thirst for flesh and blood, festive foods will be provided on the night… if you’ve got the courage to take a bite

Date: 23rd October, 2015
Time: 6:00pm-9:00pm
Venue: Room 304 — Therapies Annexe (Building 84A)
Dress Code: Halloween costumes preferred
Fee: Free for members; $3 for non-members (membership included)
Event Sponsor: ZAP Hair Design,LeBonBon