2 years ago

24 February, 2016

The Great Court, University of Queensland

Organised by:
UQ Hong Kong Students' Association


<stall T18>

As time goes by, HKSA is already 60 years old!!! (call me granny haah) As you might have noticed, we've changed our green color to the mint aka Caribbean holiday (stay original yea) and it marks the beginning of our whole-year-round celebration of the 60th!

Here are some ideas of our events this year:
- High table dinner (get a new dress!)
- HK snacks night (egg waffle... and...you name it!)
- Sports game
- Leather workshop

A membership card ($10) will grant you an access to our events throughout the year PLUS you can enjoy numerous discount in various Asian cuisine, shops etc around Brisbane!

Moreover, we'll have the 60th LIMITED EDITION merchandise (limited stock available) and you can get fresh stock/pre-order during market day!

Freebies will be given upon registration :D