2 years ago

30 March, 2016

Bryon Bay

Organised by:
UQ Hong Kong Students' Association

唔知咁多位有冇諗過喺悠悠長嘅mid-sem break出去玩呢? 仲未有Plan? 唔想喺屋企做宅男?咁就出嚟做陽光宅男啦! 而今次我哋要去嘅地方就係Byron Bay喇! 如果咁多位想欣賞澳洲嘅陽光與海灘就更加唔可以錯過今次嘅活動喇! 夏日熱辣辣, 唱著陽光點的歌出去玩遊戲是常識吧!?

日期: 3月30日(星期三)

集合時間: 8:45 am

集合地點: UQ Chancellors Place(BSL出面)

解散時間: 7:45 pm

解散地點 : UQ Chancellors Place(BSL出面)

價錢: $25(Member) $30(Non-member, 不包membership)


1) 填好呢張Google form: http://bit.ly/hksadts1

2) 付款方式:銀行轉賬

Account Name: Hong Kong Student Association

BSB: 064158

Account Number: 10157610

名額有限, 額滿即止!!

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Are you ready for a fun day out to the stunning Byron Bay? Come join us for our traditional mid-semester break day trip and farewell the hottest summer with us! Games, beach volleyball, sweat, sunset and great time with friends, what else in a day trip would you ask for?

Date: 30 th March (Wednesday)

Time: Meeting up at 8:45am and end at 7:45pm

Meet Up and Dismiss Location: UQ Chancellors Place( Outsitde BSL)

Price: $25(Member) $30 (non-member, excludes membership)

To sign up, follow these instructions:

1) Fill out the Google Docs form here: http://bit.ly/hksadts1

2) Transfer the payment to our bank account (information as follows)

Bank Details —

Account Name: Hong Kong Student Association

Bank: Commonwealth Bank

BSB: 064158

Account Number: 10157610

Limited spots, first-come- first-served basis