2 years ago

18 April, 2016

Alumni Court, The University Of Queensland

Organised by:
UQ Hong Kong Students' Association

Are you craving for any matcha/greentea? What about a slice of cake and a cup of tea?

UQHKSA is hosting a 60th annivesary celebration event with Sinmei Tea Brisbane, a famous matcha cafe in Hong Kong & Brisbane and you are all invited! The Mint color is our signature of the year as it symbolizes a fresh start for HKSA in the 60th julibee.

During the day, there will be matcha demostration and tea tasting session, as well as the chance to win a CASH COUPON from Sinmei Tea Brisbane! So throw your books away and bring your friends in to join our refreshing afternoon!

For our precious member, you only need to pay $5 for a slice of cake and a drink, which is originally worth $14. All non-members are also welcome to join for only $10!

Tickets available now: http://goo.gl/forms/GtyHqxzYdf

Be there or be square.
大家呢一刻係咪已經比midterm同assignment chur到好攰好辛苦?係咪好想將所lecture notes掉唒佢就算呢?不如飲個茶食件cake輕鬆下然後再博鬥過啦!

今次UQHKSA會聯同川善茶居(Sinmei Tea Brisbane) 舉辦一個户外Tea Party,如果你係綠茶粉絲就唔好錯過啦!川善茶居既創辦人將會親自來到UQ,同大家講下茶經,亦會送出現金卷比熟悉茶既同學仔,大家亦有機會學下泡茶,做下蔡加讚,從中明白成功需苦幹嘅道理,幫你地midterm打打氣;)

日期: 4月18日 (星期一)
時間: 1500-1700
會員超值價:$5 (包括一件蛋糕同一杯飲品)
非會員優惠價: $10(同上)

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