2 years ago

13 May, 2016

Building 47A Room 141

Organised by:
UQ Hong Kong Students' Association

Start with this one-­and-­a-­half­ hour leather workshop by UQHKSA, in which you'll learn traditional techniques and come away with a hand­stitched cardholder. The class will teach you the basic fundamentals of traditional leatherwork including tool uses and stitching. This hands­-on workshop caters to those with little or no experience. Due to limited materials we have, there are not many spots available. So quickly fill in the form below and join us in this ultimate leather workshop!

Date: 13th May (Friday)

Time: 4:00-­5:30pm OR 6:00-­7:30pm

Location: Building 47A Room 141

Fees: $25 for members, $30 for non­members (does not include membership)

Registration Available: http://bit.ly/lw2016s1

想唔想做個浪漫貼心既寶貝呢?係咪覺得成日送花送巧克力好悶好行呢?不如自己親手整一個CARD HOLDER送比佢,等佢可以時時刻刻帶係身邊,放係最親密既位置(例如褲袋)。
又或者身為一個真‧ 偽文青既你,點可以冇返一兩件皮革傍身? 唔想買出面啲又貴又假既皮革? 咁你大展身手既機會黎啦!
UQHKSA將會為你隆重帶黎萬眾期待既LEATHER WORKSHOP。 你將會受到專業既訓練,學識整一個簡約之中帶點美感既卡套! 無工具? 唔怕! 我地有! 無導師? 唔怕! 我地都有! 我地將會提供所有材料同工具,你只要火速報名就OK啦!名額有限,仲唔快手啲?


時間:4:00-5:30pm 或 6:00-7:30pm

地點: Building 47A Room 141


想預留位置?只需要填好以下google form就可以!