2 years ago

15 November, 2015

Robelle Domain, Springfield Central 4300

Organised by:
Afghan Students' Association AfSA

UPDATE: The vigil will take place tomorrow to remember the victims of extreme violence in Zabul, which is one of the many events that has taken place in Afghanistan and Pakistan specifically targeting Hazara minorities. But in the light of recent events, we will also remember the lives taken away during terror attacks in Paris, Beruit, Baghdad, Pakistan, Palestine, Syria and the rest of Afghanistan and the world. Terrorism knows no boundaries, but neither should love. Join us tomorrow to stand in solidarity with victims all around the world.

The peaceful assembly is going to be held to condemn the recent brutal killings of the 7 Hazaras in Afghanistan and remember all the victims in Afghanistan. Your presence in the event will be a great support for the community and we hope together we can deliver a strong message against the violence committed against Hazaras and other ethnic groups in Afghanistan.

In the past few days Afghans from all over Afghanistan have shown that our strength is in our unity. So, the least we can do being far from Afghanistan is to get together and remember them in these harsh times and show our full support. "As these too, shall pass". For further information about the event please contact 0401 479 746.