2 years ago

7 May, 2016

Algester State School

Organised by:
Afghan Students' Association AfSA


Sign-ups are now open for the UQ South Asian Cricket Cup. Register through this form:
Registrations CLOSE on the 5th of May. Only players have to register/buy membership; the event is completely FREE for everyone else, so please come and support your team!

Calling all budding Afridis, Tendulkars, Sangakkaras, Khadkas, Shakib Al Hasans and Mohammad Nabis!
The event of the CENTURY that everyone has been talking about ALL-ROUNDER uni is finally here! We are thrilled to invite you to become a part of the FIRST big PARTNERSHIP between the South Asian clubs at UQ, the South Asian Cricket Cup! We all share the same love for cricket, so what better way to bring everyone together than a friendly match or two? All players are encouraged to wear their national team’s cricket jersey, however any other comfortable clothing representing your national team colours is also fine.

There will be a Halal sausage sizzle available on the day! (Vegetarian options provided)

Let’s have a BALL!

***Game format***
The six teams will be divided into two pools. Every team will play an 8-over game against the other two teams in their pool. The team topping each pool will reach the grand final! The BATTER team in the grand final will receive a trophy for their win.

Each squad can have a maximum of 11 players but only 8 will be allowed on the field and only 8 will get to bat out of the 11
Each bowler will receive 1 over and only TWO bowlers from each team can ball for 2 overs.
This is a mixed social comp, everyone is allowed to participate. There will be no BOUNDARIES as to who will be allowed to play.

This one day cricket cup is jointly hosted by The Afghan Students' Association (AfSA), The UQ Bangladesh Association (UQBDA), The UQ Indian Student Society (UQISS), The UQ Nepalese Society, The UQ Pakistani Students Association (UQPSA) and The UQ Sri Lankan Association (UQSLA). Everyone is welcome to play for their favourite team; you do not have to be UQ student, as long as you’re a financial member of your society. The event is completely FREE for all members, if you are not a member of your chosen team then you will have to buy an annual membership. The annual membership fee for the participating clubs are: AfSA ($5), UQBDA ($10), UQISS ($10). UQNepalese ($5), UQPSA ($5), UQSLA ($5). Please register to play through this link: http://goo.gl/forms/wqF1b0bi8w

Make sure to register before spaces RUN-OUT! Registrations CLOSE on the 5th of May.
This event is proudly sponsored by UQ Union.