2 years ago

8 June, 2016

Afghan Students' Association - AfSA

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Afghan Students' Association AfSA

As many of you would already know AfSA has been raising funds to go towards the Zam Zam Water charity organisation. All the money raised will help with the 3-phased project that aims to build an entire town, accommodating 5000 people, in an area that was once uninhabitable.

Those moving into the area will be people who face extreme hardships and are displaced without a home due to the current warzones in Afghanistan. There are currently 680,000 people in Afghanistan who do not have a home and are constantly on the move or living in camps with awful living conditions.
The project not only hopes to give a permanent home to as many of these people as possible, but it will also help with the current refugee crisis. By providing people with homes, agriculture and access to clean water, less and less people will choose to risk their lives and take part in extremely dangerous travels in hopes of finding a brighter future for their families elsewhere.

So how far has the project come?
-At the moment Zam Zam water have already successfully built a well in the area that can provide clean water to 5000 people.
-They are now working on the completion of putting in the pipelines that will facilitate water supply to the homes that are also being built at the moment.

Where to from here?
-Next they will work on agriculture.
-This is a key component of the project, as agriculture will ensure that the new residents are self-sustained.
-Being self-sustained will be of great benefit to them because they will be able to provide themselves with food and other important resources without having to spend money for it.

According to UNICEF statistics, only 48% of the Afghan population has access to clean drinking water. The Zam Zam Water project hopes to increase this number and provide water to as many people as possible.

AfSA will be closing the fundraiser at the end of Ramadan and in order to reach our target goal of $8000 we still need to raise $5800 by then. This $8000 will be enough to build homes for an entire street of about 20-25 homes. If our target is met, Zam Zam Water will name one of the streets after the Afghan Students Association. With the generosity of our members’ inshallah we can meet this goal and be part of a project that will provide hope and a better future to those who need it most.

To donate, you can use the following link:

It doesn’t matter how big or small, any contribution you make will be going towards the same good cause.