1 year ago

8 August, 2016

Coopers Road

Organised by:
Malaysian Students' Association (UNIQMSA)

Sisssh, did you hear that? We're having a SAUSAGE SIZZLE!

A convenient way to snack on your way to lectures while walking. We are offering $2.50 Sausages and $1.50 Drinks. Get a combo for just $3.50!

All our Sausages are Halal and we will be providing Chicken and Beef options. Watch out for our Sauces!

Come by to COOPERS ROAD, the intersection near Building 69 and Prentice Building where Hawken Engineering Building is at the lower end of the road. Find us by spotting the MALAYSIAN FLAG or follow the smell of our sausages! ;)

Keen on BBQs and grilling sausages? Or do you simply want to hangout with us (yes please! :D )? Volunteer for our Sausage Sizzle by dropping us an email at uniqmsa@gmail.com with your name, phone number and availability (between 8am and 12pm), and we will get back to you on it soon! :)

Thanks and hope to serve you guys tasty sausages on Monday! :)