2 years ago

17 September, 2016


Organised by:
UQ Skirts

Why hello there, old sport, I have a proposition for you somewhat of a golden opportunity some would say. I ask you to accompany me for an evening of class, sophistication and outrageous extravagance as UQ EUS rewinds you back to a time when the liquor was cheaper and the parties were bigger, much bigger and ever so intimate.

Fear not the shine or the glamour though as we skidoo into the roaring 20’s and the party of endless opportunity. Ladies, it's time to get dolled up and show off those dazzling drumsticks. How about a giggle water or twenty to drive away those mid-semester blues? Fellas, we want to see you looking dapper and getting hot on the dance floor. In our blue gardens men and girls will come and go like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars.

But don’t forget to follow that green light, the orgastic future that week by week recedes before us. It eludes us now, but that's no matter for tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms further. As for tonight though we will spread our wings and beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.
UQ EUS is proud to present UQ’s biggest social event of the year
The 2016 Engineering Ball – “The Great EUS Ball”


Venue: Royal International Convention Centre
Date: Saturday the 17th of September, 2016
Time: 7pm
Kickon Venue: TBA

Ticket Prices:
1st Release Tickets (Tables of ten only): Members $126, Non-members $136
2nd Release Tickets (Groups of between 1 - 10): Members $136, Non-members $146
3rd Release Tickets: TBA

Ticketing Information:
• First Round Tickets go on sale at 10 AM on 08/08/2016 – (In Person location TBA)
• Second and third round ticket sale dates TBA (will be available online);
• Tickets will be distributed after sales have been exhausted;
• EUS Membership may be purchased at www.uqeus.com.au;
• FIRST ROUND TICKETS are to be purchased in person as full tables (10 Tickets) with priority seating closest to the dancefloor in person at UQ ST Lucia 08/08/2016;
•SECOND ROUND TICKETS are available to be purchased online in groups of (1 – 10);
• The purchasing member must be a valid 2016 EUS Member, other attendees on the same table do not need to be members;
• If you are the purchasing member or plan on getting the $10 members discount please check and ensure your student number is correct by logging into the members area of the EUS Website, if you have any issues with this please contact membership@uqeus.com.au as soon as possible;
• When purchasing the tickets, the purchasing member will be required to input their student number (full 8 digits) to be allowed to purchase. They should also input the student number for any other members they are purchasing tickets for to gain access to the $10 discount. If they are purchasing for non-members a student number will not be required;
• All tickets for the groups of 5 or 10 will be emailed to the purchasing member ONLY for distribution to their table;
• EUS takes no responsibility for lost or misplaced tickets that are given to multiple attendees by the purchasing member;
• If membership numbers that are supposed to be valid do not return a $10 discount, please note down all details (screenshots) , continue with the transaction and contact ball@uqeus.com.au with the subject heading “booking issues” to gather your $10 reimbursement upon investigation;
• EUS Ball tickets must be printed and brought to the event;
• EUS Ball is strictly an 18+ event, you must bring ID on the night;

• Prices will increase incrementally with each round so get in quick!

Other Information:
• The ball concludes at 12am, attendance at the kickon event is included in ticket price;
• Mens dress code: Formal – Suit and Tie required;
• Womens dress code: Formal;
• Please be aware that photos taken on the night (including those taken in photo booths) might be published on social media and EUS will not be checking images before they are posted.
• Please email all dietary requirements to ball@uqeus.com.au with the subject heading “dietary” requirements and the name of the purchasing member and the individual in the email