2 years ago

25 June, 2016

Toowong Bowls - Club Toowong

Organised by:
Economics Society (UQES)

It is a dark time for UQES. Although the Ball looks set to be a stellar event, limited ticket supplies following a Trade Federation embargo have left members angsty. Memes have begun to circulate in the underground market, riling dissent against the ageing society.

Little did members know that the UQES has secretly begun construction of an even greater event. When released, it is expected that Emperor Phillipatine will finally restore harmony and freedom to the markets.

The location of the new event has been heavily guarded, erased from the archives (~who could have done it?~). Until now.

Come to the outer-rim of UQ, to the Toowong Bowls Club system, to celebrate a forest party the Ewoks wouldn't want to miss out on (minus the trees unfortunately due to budget constraints).

WHEN: 25th of June, 3pm
WHERE: Toowong Bowls Club
TICKETS: $13 + Membership - on sale 12th of June

This event is open to younglings, padawans, Jedi Knights and Masters. However, Jedis (18+) will need to present ID to be served.