2 years ago

24 September, 2016


Organised by:
Chemical and Environmental Engineering Student Society

All of time and space, everything and anything, every star there ever was. Where do you want to start?

Is it in one of the one hundred billion galaxies that lie light years beyond the Earth’s atmosphere – Andromeda, Bodes, the Black Eye, or even the one that is the brightest of them all, Cosmos Redshift?

Is it in amongst one of the one hundred octillion stars that make up those galaxies? Or is it in one of the star constellations that lies a little closer to home in the Milky Way?

Neptune may hold your answers, but its distance may keep you guessing.

The mystery of Uranus may draw you in, but the planet with the coldest atmosphere is unlikely to give you the kindest of answers.

Saturn is up next, with its wide rings of ice particles, rocky debris and dust, providing a spectacular sight.

But it is Jupiter’s size, that leads astronauts and scientist alike to wonder – what else is out there that we are yet to discover? What lies in the voids between celestial bodies in galaxies far away? Can black holes take us to new universes where life exists?

So where do you want to start? You will never know where, until you dare to explore...

ChESS UQ presents ChESS Ball 2016: Into The Galaxy

Venue: Brisbane Royal International Convention Centre, Exhibition Hall
Date: Saturday, September 24th 2016
Time: 6:30pm for drinks in the plaza, 7:30pm in the Exhibition Hall

Member Ticket: $115
Non-Member Ticket: $125


Ticket Sales:
ChESS will be selecting crews of 10, so recruit 9 other astronauts who are prepared to carry out a deep-space exploration mission. Your crew of astronauts must be able to advance the intoxication of all attending astronauts, determine the potential of food sources on the planet, and seek life and movement on the dance floor.

Crews have ONE CHANCE TO APPLY which will be done in person at the ChESS space station next semester. The application dates will be on TUESDAY 2ND AUGUST @ 12PM.

What you will need:
1. The names, student numbers and member status of all ten astronauts.
2. The entire amount ready to be paid in one transaction (EFTPOS will be available, but ensure your daily maximum is big enough!).
We know that your desire to discover the great unknown will be strong, however, if you are found messing with another crew’s oxygen supply, you will be sent out the garbage chute and into the void.

When you return from your mission the next morning, if you can't find your legs straight away, we will help you recover into our gravitational field. Details TBA.