2 years ago

13 August, 2016

Hillstone St Lucia

Organised by:
Economics Society (UQES)

The UQES presents Economics Ball 2016: The Glory of Rome, proudly sponsored by CA ANZ.

Friends, Romans, economists: lend me your ears; the great feast of Caesar is upon us. The evil and debauchery that Romans beget hangs over them, and joys and memories are oft interred by wine. And so let it be, on August XIII.

The glory of Rome stands as a bastion of peace and civility, from the wastes of Britannia, to the hills of Judea. Our legions have conquered all in their path, leaving bridges, roads, and the Roman Peace in their wake. All amongst you are honourable citizens, all amongst you have fought for the Roman way.

Caesar has declared a Roman holiday, to celebrate the sacrifice and courage of our Empire. The Hillstone Colosseum will be open to friends of Caesar on the thirteenth day of the August, at 7:30pm. Caesar’s generosity knows no bounds, with amphorae overflowing, canapés, and a two-course feast fit for Jupiter.

Caesar has decreed the following stipulations:
• All citizens must be of age: 18 and over.
• The Flavian Amphitheatre is only open to UQES members: declare civis economus sum and enter, or become a member before the feast.
• Tickets to the feast will be sold via Tilt, so ensure you are signed up in advance of the hour of release. Each transaction will be limited to 5 tickets.
• Citizens have until the 22nd of July to inform Caesar of their dietary requirements and table preferences, using the seperate parchments found in the event discussion.
• All citizens will dress in a manner befitting the occasion - a black-tie dress code applies.





A Roman can walk from the Banks of the Tiber to Jerusalem without fear of bandit or barbarian. By the end of the feast, no Roman will be able to walk from their chair to the bar, for fear of falling to their knees. Let friends of Caesar hear this testament, and prepare to behold the Glory of Rome.