3 years ago

1 November, 2015

Toowong Bowls - Club Toowong

Organised by:
Economics Society (UQES)

If you enjoy fresh air, food and drink or mates - boy have we got a surprise for you. Here at the UQES, we’ve been tossing up various options for our event to celebrate the end of the year’s classes. We’ve said goodbye to the lavishness of ball, bid adieu to any ideas of bouncing between venues at a pub crawl and farewelled any machinations of a field trip to the Treasury. We had an executive directive from our President, Doug Holt, that the venue must be relaxed - he wanted an event where he’d be able to whip out a pair of boardies, chuck on a singlet and dust off his Mitchell & Ness. Finally, it hit us; there could only be one answer!

The UQES are proud to reveal our last social event of the year, a sunny afternoon at our local bowl-o.

For a mere $8, you’re guaranteed tropical vibes, a full water tank, some food and (for the student athletes among us) an opportunity to be crowned the BEL faculty’s champion bowler. If you’re thinking of getting into the study early this semester, feel free to join us for a couple of quiet ones and some banter, and if this is your last hurrah before you get stuck into SWOTVAC, kick-ons are set - the RE is only a 5 minute walk away!

A link will be posted over the next day or so for ticket sales. All of this year’s events have sold out crazy quickly, and we have a strictly limited number of tickets available, so be sure not to dilly dally! We look forward to seeing you on the 1st of November.