2 years ago

22 February, 2016

The University of Queensland

Organised by:
Economics Society (UQES)

If you’re an economics student chances are you absolutely detest asymmetric information. First years are victims of this same phenomenon as they navigate the labyrinth of first semester.

For those of you economists that want to put an end to this economic vice, UQES has just the solution in the form of ‘UQES First Year Buddy Program’.

All you’ve got to do is sign up as a Mentor for Semester 1, 2016 and be a point of contact for the incoming class to address concerns from picking courses to picking friends at Uni and encourage them to be active participants of UQES.

So go on ahead and register with us and be the 'BEcon of Light’ you always wanted to be.

Sign up at https://goo.gl/ovEICO

Please direct any queries to ransi.w@uqes.com.au