2 years ago

24 February, 2016

The Great Court, University of Queensland

Organised by:
Economics Society (UQES)

The UQ Economics Society is back. It’s been 9 years since the GFC, 27 years since Jacqui Lambie enlisted, and 80 years since the birth of Ron Paul. To celebrate these auspicious anniversaries, we’ve decided to deliver our members the best year ever.

The UQ Economics Society is one of the biggest student societies on campus, with its operation centric around the School of Economics and the broader BEL Faculty. We provide our members with a structure through which to make friends, advance their careers, and of course suffer through many hangovers after our extremely generous events.

UQ'S BIGGEST LAUNCH PARTY (Free with membership - https://www.facebook.com/events/1722852924612956/)

This year our redE membership card gives you access to over 75 deals at some of Brisbane’s most popular establishments. Yes, that’s right, 75. 25 more than 50. Double 37.5. It doesn’t take an economist to see that the redE is the best value card on campus. Best of all, we’re still offering it for only $5.

• Being dealt five Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and finding the Unstoppable Exodia
• Getting a park on campus at 8:15
• Booking a flight to the US and getting to sit next to T-Swizzle
• Turning on the TV and watching a re-run of 2003 Australian Idol feat. Shannon Noll

We’re also here to help with your experience on campus, and to get you on the right path to a successful career in economics, finance, or professional services. For first-year students, we have our First Year Dinner. Ask our exec on market day: the friends and contacts you make here will last you a lifetime. Soon-to-be graduates, our premier corporate event, Careers and Cocktails, will set you up with the connections you need – in an increasingly tight job market, exposure is everything!

LIST OF 2016 CORPORATE SPONSORS: http://www.uqes.com.au/sponsors/

The UQES is the ultimate study companion. Our BEcon guide will shed light on subject selection, with grade distributions and student feedback, and we’re setting up study groups for members. Acting as a liaison with the School of Economics, if you have any problems of questions you can come to us.

2016 BECON GUIDE: http://www.uqes.com.au/?wpdmdl=488

If you’re into sport, we’re putting teams on the field for pretty much everything, from soccer to touch. All our teams are strictly social - if you made a netball team with all the Spice Girls except for Sporty, Milton Friedman, Mr Burns, and Hillary Clinton, they’d still probably beat what we fielded last year. Get out and have a go, there’s no expectations, and it’s a great way to make friends.

UQES SPORT SIGN-UP: http://tinyurl.com/hy4vt8r

We’ll be set up in our usual spot on the Great Court on Market Day, so come down and join up! It’d be a poor event description without some witty economics puns, so here we go: We’re the gold standard for student society. We supply a demand for a good time on campus. We beat your rational expectations for student life. And, most importantly, every one of our members will do it with a model. Get keen. Get hype. Get redE.

We look forward to seeing you all at Market Day!

If you can't sign-up in person, please follow the online subscription link!