2 years ago

28 February, 2016


Organised by:
UQ Psychology Students' Association

You survived exams. You survived the 5kg Christmas bulk, the 7x surcharge on NYE, the summer internships and the sunburn you got when you thought you needed a break from Netflix. You will survive O Week. But will you survive Launch Party?

Port Office is giving you the exclusive chance to forget that Kendrick Lamar was robbed of the top spot. Expect bigger things from UQ’s Biggest Launch Party than from Star Wars Episode VII, Deadpool and The Life of Pablo combined. Statistics show that 100% of those who attend Launch are 100% satisfied with their life choices*. Whether we need to do a Cost Benefit Analysis or an independent study as to the psychological benefits of socialising with your peers - we're sure you'll be convinced.

- Port Office Hotel
- 28th February, 3pm start
- Free Entry with UQBA, UQES or PSA Membership
- Memberships $5 at Market Day

*Disclaimer: UQBA, UQES or PSA are not responsible for any loss of dignity or memory as a result of attendance. Statistics subject to approval by Mike Baird.