2 years ago

29 April, 2016


Organised by:
Economics Society (UQES)

Are you an undergraduate Australian University student filled with bright ideas? Show us the quality of your business skills and you could be our Microsoft Protégé for 2016.

You can put into practice what you have learnt in your tertiary studies while at the same time tackle a real-life business challenge and make your CV stand out. Make it to the grand finals and you’ll be flown to Sydney to take part in workshops with Microsoft professionals and compete in the biggest Protégé Grand Final yet. On top of this money can’t buy experience, you could win the latest Microsoft technology in prizes.

For more details on the dates, conditions of entry and the judging process, please visit: https://www.microsoft.com/australia/protege
or join the Yammer group at : https://www.yammer.com/ausproteg/#/threads/company?type=general;