2 years ago

1 May, 2016

Royal Exchange Hotel

Organised by:
Economics Society (UQES)

Minutes of the Meeting of The Reserved Brews of Australia
Brisbane - March 2016

Members began their discussion of the beer economy by noting that the 2015 Pub Crawl was epic.

Of particular concern, however, is the general downward trend of student confidence as the examination period draws closer. In the short term, GDP (Gross Drink Procurement) is forecasted to see a steady decline unless some form of fiscal intervention is made to stimulate the markets. Though a full blown RE session may be likely, there are movements in the market suggesting the economy will only initially dip into one, before readjusting onto a positive trend thanks to activity in the CBD and valley.

Members thus noted that there was a bright outlook as a rebalancement would occur from the energy drink-sector to the alcohol-sector once sufficient incentive was provided by the use of transfer payments. The UQES's scheduled release of drink vouchers in a 'helicopter drop' on May 1 will provide the right boost needed to raise confidence and stimulate demand.

To fund such a stimulus package, members have been informed that a preemptive levy of $35 will be taken to ensure the intake of drinks can be sustained at an artificially high level. Concern regarding the dignity curve - which highlights that as the rate of drink expenditure rises, the ability to maintain one's dignity decreases - were initially well-founded, but new information has revealed that automatic stabilisers in the form of food deals will reduce any potential for overconsumption.

Based on the data available, members ultimately concluded that the 2016 Crawl will surpass previous years in all 3 components of GDP: intoxication, enjoyment, and sharpie usage.

The Decision:
1st May 2016 - 12pm
Venues to be announced
$35 + Membership