2 years ago

21 November, 2015

Building 43-105

Organised by:
Malaysian Students' Association (UNIQMSA)

Hi guys! 2015 is coming to an end and we’re starting to prep ourselves for another amazing year ahead :)

To start off, we will be having our SPONSORSHIP DRIVE during the summer break where we seek potential sponsors for the next term, and we’re currently RECRUITING VOLUNTEERS to help us out! If you’re planning to stay in Brisbane during the break, this will be a great volunteering opportunity for you to learn new skills as well as contribute to the club and its members!

Sponsors are crucial as they keep the club financially sound while at the same time allow members to benefit from a wide range of discounts and offers. During our sponsorship drive, volunteers will get the chance to approach business owners and possibly corporate personnel to negotiate potential sponsorship deals. Take this as an opportunity to improve your communicating, negotiating and interpersonal skills, which are all very much applicable in your future working lives.

On top of that, all volunteers will be entitled for FREE UQMSA membership of Year 2016 and a FREE UQMSA T-shirt!

To be part of the Sponsorship Drive, it is required that you are available during the summer (i.e. at least until mid December 2015). There may also be a fair amount of travelling involved. Note that there will NOT be any reimbursements for transport expenses. Should you be interested, please sign up by the 17th of November (Monday) through the following link: http://l.uqmsa.org/sponsorship-drive

Sponsorship Drive Briefing:

There will be a BRIEFING SESSION for all registered volunteers where we will explain more about how the sponsorship drive works and your respective roles and responsibilities. The details of the briefing are as follow:

Date: 21/11/2015 (Saturday)
Time: 10am – 1pm
Venue: 01-E212

Attendance to the briefing is highly encouraged, so do inform us if you’re unable to make it so that we could make plans to brief you at a later time.

Sponsorship Drive Survey:

To assist with securing sponsors that will best benefit our members, here’s a SURVEY which all of you could fill in to let us know what you think about our current sponsors and provide us with feedback about your preferences and suggestions for improvement.

Survey Link: http://l.uqmsa.org/sponsorship-survey

P.S. Please also understand that there are various considerations and limitations in regards to sponsorship deals, but rest assured we will consider your feedbacks and try our best to get sponsors that appeal to the majority

Thanks again and good luck with exams!