2 years ago

6 April, 2016

The University of Queensland

Organised by:
Malaysian Students' Association (UNIQMSA)

What’s up fellas?!
Guess what?

We are back with our signature event - Makan Night! - for 2016 and this time around we are bringing 4 MENUS to the table; 2 Main dishes and 2 Side dishes! The MENU for our Makan Night this time are:

1. Nasi Lemak with Ayam Berempah
2. Nasi Minyak with Rendang Daging
3. Rojak Pasembur
4. Apam Balik

You can pre-order the food and pay on the event day itself later on. Pre-order form as follows: http://l.uqmsa.org/makannight-sem1-16

Everyone is allowed to order up to 4 MAIN DISHES per person (i.e Any combination of main dishes as long as you only order up to 4 quantities) and 2 servings of SIDE DISHES.

Event Details (Food Collection Day):

Date: 6th April 2016
Venue: Michie Forecourt (grassy area in front of BSL)
Time: 5:30pm –7pm

Pre-registration will close this Wednesday (30th March). Those who've had their orders successfully submitted will receive a confirmation email from our committees by Wednesday. So don’t hesitate to satisfy that craving of yours! Place your orders now! ;)