2 years ago

12 March, 2016

Southbank Parklands - Brisbane.

Organised by:
Borneo Students Association

We're getting the barbies ready because it's about that time again!

BSA International is back with our traditional start up Welcome BBQ as a way for everyone to meet each other over a chill sesh of food and games.

It's supposed to be fun and games, but uhhh...free food is better. Also, this'll be a great opportunity for you guys to make some new friends, socialise, and become accustomed to university life (if you haven't already)!

We'll facilitate a hell of a good time, with a load of games and a plethora of food.

There'll be a activities for you to enjoy, dodge ball, red rover, and other super active things that people don't usually get to play anymore.
P.s Welcome BBQ always ends with a president vs whole club dodgeball tournament with the president in the middle (gl hf Cassie)

Our barbecue is free for all members who signed up with us on market day! Don't be disappointed though, if you hadn't signed up, because you can just rock up and we'll hook you up with some sick membership and the freshest swag you'll ever see in your life time.
Tl;dr because we know y'all all lazy af

What: FREE food, games, and socialise!
When: 12th of March - 11am to 3pm
Where: Southbank Parklands.
Members - FREE
Non-Members - $10 (Including Membership and some swag)

Until then, keep up with us on social media::
Facebook: /bsa.international
Snapchat: /bsa_int
Instagram: /bsa_international