2 years ago

9 May, 2016

The Red Room

Organised by:
Borneo Students Association

BSA runnin things back to back.

From the same underground kings that brought you “Call Me Maybe,” BSA now brings you our first party of the year “Hotline Bling”

Here at BSA we’re all about encouraging new friendships and getting over that ex who started wearing less and going out more.

While you’re wondering round Marvin’s Room, you’ll be rocking your very own BSA/Hotline Bling shirt to which you can collect numbers all over.

Cuz I know when that Hotline Bling…. that can only mean one thing..


Each person who walks into Marvins Room, I mean the Red Room, will be a given a random phone number of someone else in the room. Through the night they’ll then have to try and figure out who they are messaging.

Basically you just tryna make that hotline bling- literally.

(BSA does not hold any responsibility for any potential heartbreak that can come from this event.)


In the spirit of the theme we’ve planted our very own “Drake” in the crowd.

Your mission, should you choose to accept, will be to find our “Drake” and tell them a short story of heartbreak.

For example:

“Sometimes when I shower it takes me a while to realise that the shower isn’t even on and that I am showering in my own tears”


You may challenge our Drake to a Drake sing/rap off where the winner will take the UGK crown and deemed the “Heartbreak Drake”


Throughout the night we’ll have a Hotline Bling dance off where you’ll be able to show us your best bowling, tennis and pizza topping abilities.

On the night, take a picture looking right, because she left </3

So leave your trust issues back home in Marvins Room and make your way down to the Red Room & come get 2 On with us.


DATE: 9th of May
TIME: 7pm - 10:30
VENUE: Redroom Bar & Grill
>Members - $10 (Including your own Hotline Bling shirt to keep!)
>Non-Members - $20 (Including your own shirt + BSA membership!)
BARTAB? Why yes




Remember that the Redroom is an over 18 venue so please remember your ID!
Also make sure your phones are fully charged so you guys can keep making that hotline bling and get down in the DMs.

If you plan on drinking at the event - please remember to never drake and drive because you’ll end up at your exes house.
(But in all seriousness please find a safe ride home)

Together we’ll shut it down.