1 year ago

9 March, 2017

Burger Urge UQ

Organised by:
Wasabi (UQ Japanese Society)

This week is not only the start of UQ Wasabi's conversation classes, it is also the start of our weekly outings! Every Thursday we will travel together to one of Wasabi's sponsored restaurants for dinner!

This week's outing will be at UQ St Lucia's very own Burger Urge.
Meet Laura at 5pm at the University of Queensland sign at UQ Lakes bus stop to be escorted there! :)

REMEMBER: Please Bring your UQ Wasabi Card to obtain a discount!

今週は会話クラスが始まるだけでなく、Weekly outingも始まります!毎週木曜日開催し、私たちUQ Wasabiのスポンサーの店舗へとご飯を食べに行きます!
今週のOutingはSt LuciaのUQの中にあるBurger Urgeです。Lauraが当日午後5時にUQ Lakesのバス停で待っているで興味がある方、一緒に行きましょう!