1 year ago

26 March, 2017


Organised by:
Nursing and Midwifery Student Association (NAMSA)

Has semester one got you down already? Is the jury still out on your ability to turn up to 8am lectures? Feeling like you’re too far in and there’s no escape? Well maybe there isn’t…

Prison is a scary, scary place, especially when the ChESS and NAMSA security guards are watching you around every corner. Scheme up a master plan for your jail break with your fellow inmates, or alternatively work as an independent agent as you endeavour to break free from the restraints of lecture notes and compulsory tutorials. Slog your way through the challenges at the vast variety of venues to earn your ticket to freedom. Successful escapees will be granted entry to our final location for post-prison break celebrations and a paint party to leave you wanting more.

Do you dare to attempt an escape?

Date: Sun 26th March (end of Week 4)
Time: 12pm-8pm
Venues: TBA

TICKETS - includes a pub crawl tee, drink deals, and some food!
Members: $30
Non-Members: $35