1 year ago

1 March, 2017

Campbell Place, UQ St Lucia

Organised by:
UQ Street Groove Hip Hop Urban Dance Society




Good morning Street Groove Members! It's sausage sizzle season, nice and early!

For those new to UQ: Every student club gets one day in the semester to raise funds for more club activities through sausage + onion BBQs.

You'll see two clubs doing this every single uni day! And this WEDNESDAY is our day!!

We're always known for doing it in style, because we cook some of the best sausages and we refuse to stop dancing while we grill. Ever.

Come through Wednesday to get a well-grilled sausage done by your favourite hip-hop dance club on campus. We promise to keep the onions flowing and the groove shakin'

Get your sausage breakfast, lunch and early dinner! We promise to bring the smell of sizzle first thing in the morning - and we'll sell until the cows come home.

LOCATION: Right outside Duhig tower and merlos, right after your morning coffee

Sausage - $2.50
Drink - $1.50
Sausage + Drink - $3

COMBO DEAL: 2 Sausages + Drink - $5

And if you want to join the club or simply hang with our cool vibes! Yes, pop down next to the library to have a quick chat with us on the day.

If you're a Street Groove member already, you're more than welcome to help out through the day!

Bringing you the best hip-hop/urban dance vibes on campus, and freshly-grilled sausages this Wednesday,

Much love
- UQ Street Groove