1 year ago

2 March, 2017

Eldorado Cinema

Organised by:
UQ Sci-fi and Fantasy Society

Welcome friends all, to the first of our regular meetings! Now that semester has started back up again, we're all going to need a break by Thursday, so why not make it a break with fellow nerds?

We will be watching the 6:45pm screening, so we would recommend coming a bit earlier than that to buy tickets. They will not be provided by the club, but this is an excellent chance to support our lovely friends at Eldorado cinema - with $6 tickets for you and a tag-along, regardless of whether you would normally be eligible for their student prices. Remember to show them your card! Recliner seating (think large, comfy lounge chairs) may be available for extra, if you're interested ask on the night.

There is parking available on the underground levels, and it is very, very close to both bus and train lines. And, if none of these work for you, it's entirely possible that someone will be willing to help you car-pool, so feel free to ask in the event.