1 year ago

4 March, 2017

UQ Hong Kong Students' Association

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UQ Hong Kong Students' Association

So, here we go!our very first event in this semester- Welcoming Party

We'll bring you to a couple of places throughout Brisbane where we, as a overseas student , will frequently visit such as Toowong, Indoorpilly and Garden city. You will definitely get a real buzz out of this event. And it costs you a penny at $5 only ($10 for non-members). So i cant see if there is any reason why you don't show up in this event.

Jot it down to your schedule that it will be held at The Great Court, UQ at 9 o'clock on 4/3.

If you're interested in joining, it is so easy to apply that it is just a click away. Scroll up to our event page and click to the link then you could find our registration form.

一年過去又開Sem,唔知大家係上個星期Oweek過得開唔開心呢🤔唔理點樣,我地已經為咁多位準備左我地本年度第一個係Brisbane 嘅活動 welcoming Party 😚同以往一樣我地welcoming Party 都係會帶大家認識一下Brisbane同埋試一下學校一樣特別嘅野食🤤今次活動都只係需要收5蚊咋🙈(非會員將收取另外10元作會費) 記得星期六朝早9點過黎UQ Great Court一齊玩啦:)

(事前報名可於FB 購票 link 內進行以方便準備食物及飲品) #MarketDay招呼唔到 #一齊玩 #到時見 #UQHKSA2017