1 year ago

16 March, 2017

Heath Room, Uq Union Complex

Organised by:
Vietnamese Students Association (UQViesa)

*What tips can I use to get GPA 6.5 - 7?
*How can cut my expenses and save money as an international student?
*What are some good places to look for a job?
*What do I need to know about working & wage laws in Australia?
*What can I do to make the most of my student life?

These are the most common questions any Viet international student asks, and they will be answered in VISA's NEW2OZ FAIR.

At this workshop, you will have a chance to meet and listen to our guest speakers sharing their stories and experiences during their university time, what they did to make the most of it and especially some precious tips and advice that you may need.

The guest speakers are none other than our beloved alumni from different universities in Brisbane, who had an unforgettable uni time and now building their career here in Australia. Some are current students who not only excel in the academic realm but also active individuals in society.

Moreover, there will be an information session so you can feel free to ask us specific questions from any particular aspect of your concerns. AND WHAT BETTER CONCLUDES SUCH AN INFORMATIVE FAIR THAN A LOVELY NETWORKING DINNER?

If you already feel excited, why not click "going" to the event and keep yourself posted on VISA Facebook page to know who our guest speakers are?