1 year ago

7 March, 2017

UQ Social Sciences Association

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UQ Social Sciences Association

Welcome (back) to the UQ Social Sciences Association for 2017!! You will be very pleased to know that we are continuing our traditional annual pizza party this year! (who isn't excited for pizza amirite?!?!)

This event is a perfect way to start your semester and meet some new social science faces or catch up with old friends. If you're new to UQ/social science/university in 2017, this event is a BRILLIANT way to meet the people you'll be sharing lectures/tutes with and to pick the brains of our more experienced members who can offer you advice or guidance for the semester ahead!

WHEN: Tuesday 7th March (week 2) at 5pm (if you're not free until later, don't be deterred! We'll be hanging around for a few hours)
WHERE: Pizza Caffe (St Lucia campus)
WHAT: Pizza, of course! But with the added benefit of socialising with your like-minded classmates. The pizza party will be $5 this year, with proceeds going towards delicious pizzas and the club's other activities for semester 1 (including careers nights!).

Please let us know your dietary requirements and secure your place at this event through the QPay link http://allyoucaneatpizzapar.getqpay.com