1 year ago

1 July, 2017

Uq Innes Room

Organised by:
UQ Smash Bros

UQ Smash Final Destination 2 - 1st and 2nd of July 2017



Register on Smash.gg - https://smash.gg/tournament/uq-smash-final-destination-2

$150 Pot Bonus for Sm4sh and for Melee Singles
$50 Bonus Money to the Highest UQ Student in these events also.

Events + Cost: (Payable on registration via PayPal or Credit Card or in cash at select event). Please note that a surchage will apply to all digital transactions.

- Standard Bird - $30 until the 24th of June
- Late Bird - $40 until the 30th of June @ 7pm (AKA day before the event)
- Non Smash Pass - $10 - ONLY allows registraiton for event that are not Smash Games.

- Melee Singles - $10
- Wii U Singles - $10
- Melee Doubles - $5 (Per Player)
- Wii U Doubles - $5 (Per Player)
- N64 Singles - $10
- Brawl Singles - $10
- Project M Singles- $10

Non Smash Side Events:
- Tekken 7 - $5
- Injustice 2 - $5
- 1-2-Switch: MILK - $5
- Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers - $5 (Switch)

GROUP BOOKING DISCOUNT: For prospective interstate attendees, if you can confirm a group of 3 or more attendees from your state, we'll give every member of your group a discount code that will reduce the venue fee to $10. Simply contact us by email (uqsupersmash@gmail.com) with the smash.gg tags of your group members. Note that each discount code will only work once, and will only remain valid if at least 3 members of the group register and pay by the 16th of June, 2017. This offer will only be available until the 16th of June.

2017 UQ Smash Members have recived a $5 Discount Code, valid for 1 use only, in their welcome email, if you have not recived a code, please message the page and we can send yours through facebook asap.

Please check your emails regually and this event for the most up-todate infomation.

Venue fees are charged the day they are paid, so those paying in cash will pay the relivant cost based on the day they are paying. There will be many events and oppotunitys to pay in cash.

Please note that registration for Earlist Bird ($20) and Early Bird ($25) has closed.