1 year ago

25 February, 2017

Guyatt Park, St Lucia

Organised by:
UQ Sci-fi and Fantasy Society

Now that everyone has recovered from the shock of learning/remembering that we exist, perhaps you've come to the inevitable conclusion that other people exist as well! If this idea appeals to you, and you'd like to maybe meet a few of them, come along to our meet & greet picnic.

We will be supplying 2 sausages (and required additions) each, as well as a small selection of other snacks. If you would like more than that, such as drinks or biscuits, bring along some to share with everyone. If you have dietary requirements, tell us on the poll we will be posting in the event and we will endevour to cater to it.

Note that this is a non-alcoholic event, anyone found with alcohol will be asked to remove either themselves or the alcohol, possibly both.

We will be running various games and activites, so if you would like to get involved in those, please come in clothes appropriate for the (potential) heat. Alternately, if you're not the active type, there's no one saying you can't just come and mingle, and have a chat with some friendly nerds.

The start an finish times are fairly fluid, don't feel obliged to stay the entire time. Come for as long as you feel comfortable with, but do be aware if you come late you may miss out on food.

We're looking forward to seeing everyone there!