1 year ago

22 February, 2017

Great Court, UQ

Organised by:
UQ Sci-fi and Fantasy Society

"Now... To our new students, welcome, to our old students, Welcome Back! Another year full of magical eduction awaits you!"
- Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Another year, another market day - and we're all excited to get back in touch with all our friends we've been neglecting over the holidays. And the best way to do that, as we all know, is through the UQ Sci-Fi & Fantasy Society!

We've got a whole lot of fantastic events planned for the year, and we're looking forward to getting as many people involved as we can. So come along to our market day stall, near the Alumni Court. As always, it's only $5 for a whole semester's membership, which will get you invited to all our events and let you get fantastic deals with our sponsers. And one lucky member will get to win an absoluely massive prize!