1 year ago

22 February, 2017

Great Court, University of Queensland

Organised by:
UQ Street Groove Hip Hop Urban Dance Society


UQ's hip hop dance circle is looking for new faces! Whether you're a seasoned dancer, a party dancing machine or an enthusiastic newbie, WE WANT YOU!

Embrace the hip hop culture with us, as we guide you through your groovy journey every Friday and Sunday! We mix it up every now-and-then with a range of diverse styles such as popping, breaking, urban hip hop, and more. If this isn't enough dancing for you, keep your eyes peeled for our Freestyle Dance Battles, Jam Sessions and the Club Showcase

---------WHERE & WHEN----------
- Wednesday, 22nd February 2017
- 10am-3pm
- Stall number: 214

A cool $20 for access to 20 on-campus and off-campus classes
!!!! THAT'S $1 PER CLASS !!!!!

You can also expect a wide range of events put together by our community and events team, including: freestyle dance battles, jams, workshops and various social get-togethers. Also look out for our club showcase!! We’re putting on a club recital, and YOU’LL be in it!

Want to do more classes elsewhere? You get dance discounts at professional studios MAD DANCE HOUSE and V-HUB!! Look out for more to come as we find more places for you to dance your heart out!

- Friday evening classes at UQ
- Sunday evening classes at Mad Dance House
Classes are professionally taught, plus well-suited and adjusted for dancers of a beginner to intermediate level!
Our Friday classes now come with dance jams after every class! Grow, inspire and motivate yourself and others during this social get-down.

--------WHO'S TEACHING?!--------
Expect the best and the most passionate from the dance industry, with a range of experienced external and internal teachers:

EXTERNAL: Errol Cenita, Bekky Carter, Lizzie Wicks, AB Sow, Alvin Wu, Che Pritchard, Wanida Serce, Mundsan, Matty B
INTERNAL: Hiroki, Sassa, Yuji, James, Eugene, Matt

--------CLUB SHOWCASE--------
Showcase Date: 5th August, Saturday
Location: Schonell Theatre, University of Queensland
Time: 4.00pm & 7.00pm

For the first time ever, Street Groove is putting on a member showcase, and we want you! Preparations start mid-semester and carry on through the winter holidays, to perform at the start of Semester 2. If you’ve ever wanted to make history on the stage of Schonell Theatre, you’d want to be here! We’re welcoming to all levels of dance ability, no prior experience is required - just come prepared to work hard and to be a part of the Street Groove family.

Showcase registrations and choreography submissions are open now, so come on down to our stall for more information from our lovely executive members or alternatively, shoot us a message on our Facebook like page. We’re also recruiting for hard-working individuals to be a part of our showcase production team! This includes: production managers and crews, visual and audio techs, prop artists and front-of-house teams. Stop by for a chat if you’re keen!

--------BATTLES AND JAMS--------
Always wanted to learn how to battle, or kill a dance-off? We’ll start you off, but you have to put in the work for it. Join our growing freestyle community - we’ll introduce basic moves to you, and give you a place every Friday at 7.30PM where you can make friends and practice.

For the more seasoned battler - we’d love your help in building our community, laying roots and sharing the love. Swing by and chat with us! Our dream is to build a thriving uni dance scene that helps every dancer get stronger - foundations first. We hope to see you on Market Day!

Expect 2 or 3 battle events to be organised throughout the semester. Get keen!!

--------KEEP UP TO DATE--------
Subscribe to our YouTube Channel (UQ Street Groove Hip Hop) to check out and be informed of our latest classes and performances. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrnntAMtqBjJitdLc_Woi8A
Facebook: Give us a "Like" to be instantly notified on the regular with our classes, events and the latest dance news in Brisbane!

--------WHAT WE'RE ALL ABOUT--------
- Founded in 2011 by Lindsey Sun and Jeremy CS Johnson
- Aims to provide aspiring dancers an opportunity to learn in an affordable and accessible environment
- Community-focused and consistently supporting dance within UQ and beyond
- Large focus on the diversity of Hip-Hop; each semester brings new classes covering a multitude of styles.

We'll see you there!! ^^