1 year ago

3 March, 2017


Organised by:
Occupational Therapy Students Association

Ladies and Gentleman this is ... *drumroll* the SPOT & UQPMS 2017 Launch Party! Girls get your Lip Smackers on, and boys pull out your flared jeans and to-die-for sweater. This event will be bigger than the infamous school book fair! Let's take a throwback to the 90’s and 00’s and relive the good old days of Justin Timberlake’s noodle hair and Shakira’s hips that definitely did not lie. So hey now get your Nokias and disposable cameras and go par-tay.

WHERE? Birdees Nightclub
WHEN? 3rd March
WHAT TIME? 7pm (we'd recommend getting there on time to enjoy the benefits ;) )
COST? FREE for SPOT card holders! $5 for UQPMS members and $10 for non-UQPMS members (including membership)*

For UQPMS members: https://ticketing.qnect.co/magic/?shortname=uqpmsspotlaunchpartytickets
(Find discount code in member's group)
For non-members: https://ticketing.qnect.co/magic/?shortname=uqpms2017membershipregistration

PS: don’t forget to feed your Tamagotchi before coming! #noragrets2017 #crocsarerealshoes #Y2K

PPS: This is an 18+ event. Please bring a valid ID that shows your date of birth to the venue.