1 year ago

22 February, 2017

Great Court, University of Queensland

Organised by:
Chemical and Environmental Engineering Student Society (CHESS)

The Chemical and Environmental Engineering Student Society (ChESS) welcomes you to Market Day at UQ in 2017!

$10 EUS Membership
+$5 ChESS Membership
**** CASH ONLY ****

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Whether you're just starting out in engineering, it's your final year, or if you're just a pretengineer (cred. Robbie Whitby) who loves a good party, 2017 is THE year to join one of the biggest clubs on campus!

Find us on the Great Court, meet the new executive team, and get yourself EUS and ChESS membership!

Your membership entitles you to discounts to all of the events we hold throughout the year, including your favourite social events (pub crawls, smokos, ball, etc), as well as professional events (networking dinner, industry seminars, career development nights), and more! It's also a great place to find some friends to struggle through university with together!

AND as an added bonus, buying membership gets you FREE ENTRY to our Launch Party on 2nd of March. Check out the event:

We'll also be selling limited edition ChESS tees, available to our members only, for $20, so get in early and snap one up.

See you there!