2 years ago

8 March, 2016


Organised by:
Wollongong University Medical Students Society WUMSS

Hey guys! First week of March = THE WOOLIE POOLIE; KARAOKE CAR POOL WEEK!!! Minimal car usage is promoted all week, but Tuesday the 1st will see the inaugural car pool comp. That’s right, the battle of the greenest will be between the age-old rivals Wollongong and Nowra campuses to see which campus can arrive with the lowest number of cars per person over first and second years. The winning campus gains forced respect from the losers as well as smug environmental bragging rights such as “I’m just so humbled to be part of a community that actually gives a shit about the environment, you know? Oh, you probably wouldn’t understand because you’re a (Wollie/Shoalie)".

The idea is to get people into transport habits that don’t involve driving one person : one car and promote car pooling, cycling and walking to the GSM or taking the free shuttle if you live in the Gong.

We’re so fortunate to live in a beautiful part of the world but our stupid medical degree means that it’s hard to appreciate it as we’re locked inside all day. Riding or walking to uni is THE BEST way to start and finish the day, even better than bitching about the GSM in a car pool. By bike I can leave home after my housemate Tom and get to the GSM before him = extra time AND smug bragging rights! Incidental exercise also means I’ll live longer and be healthier and happier so suck on that Tom!

Now who’s in?!