1 year ago

29 August, 2016

University of Wollongong

Organised by:
UoW Mathematics Society

Hi everyone,

The Maths Society is holding their 2016 AGM this month. All are welcome and we would love as many of you to turn up as possible! :)

We will be discussing upcoming events, including the end-of-year dinner. We will also be voting in some new executive members to take over the Maths Society.

Please note that most of the current exec team will be graduating at the end of the year so we are looking for people who would be willing to take over as new execs this session so that we can show you a bit about what you would need to do to keep the society running once we've left.

Anyone is welcome to nominate themselves for an executive role.

The society will be voting on the new execs at the AGM so even if you don't want to take on an exec role, come along so that you can vote for who you want to run the Maths Society! :)

Positions potentially available for 2017:
Vice President
etc. etc.

You don't have to have been at uni for ages to be an exec member of the Maths Society. First and second year students are more than welcome to take on the roles. Plus, being an exec member of a UOW club or society can go on your resume!

Hope to see you there!