1 year ago

4 September, 2016

Sydney Opera House

Organised by:
UOW Economics and Finance Society EFSOC

The eighth Festival of Dangerous Ideas (FODI) is a compelling weekend of challenging, inspirational and robust discussion with powerful speakers from around the world. EFSOC is teaming up with ASOC to give members the chance to attend three fascinating talks, held at the iconic Sydney Opera House, on Sunday 4th September:

Talk 1: The Innovation Fetish - Lee Vinsel (10:45 - 11:45am)
Is innovation overvalued? It is the dominant ideology of our era. But what if building, maintenance and repair prove much more important to our daily lives than the vast majority of technological innovations?
Co-founder of The Maintainers themaintainers.org, a research group focused on maintenance, repair, infrastructure and mundane labor, Lee Vinsel is an Assistant Professor of Science and Technology Studies at Stevens Institute of Technology.

Talk 2: Crisis without Borders - Panel (2:00 - 3:00pm)
The scale of the Middle East refugee crisis is overwhelming authorities. But war, failed states and climate change seem to be the new world normal – and so does the global flow of desperate people. What does it mean for the future?

Talk 3: Generation Less - Jennifer Rayner (3:30 - 4:30pm)
Why are young people worse off than their parents? Why is the gap between older and younger Australians – in terms of work, wealth and wellbeing – growing wider? Is Australia cheating the young?
Jennifer Rayner was born into aspirational Australian suburbia during the Hawke years and came of age in the long boom of the Howard era. Her lifetime tracks the yawning inequalities that have opened up across the Australian community in the past 30 years. She has worked as a federal political adviser, an international youth ambassador in Indonesia and a private sector consultant. She holds a PhD from the Australian National University.

Normally valued at $30 per talk, EFSOC and ASOC are offering members the opportunity to attend these FODI talks at no charge! A $10 contribution will be charged when you purchase a ticket through this website, which will be refunded in cash when you turn up in person on the day. You can register for as many of the talks as you would like to attend - one, two, or all three! Scroll to the bottom of this page to buy tickets.

Transport to the Sydney Opera House will not be provided by EFSOC or ASOC, however we will provide information about recommended trains to take if you're intending to get there by public transport.

If you'd like more info about FODI, you can check out the website: fodi.sydneyoperahouse.com